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Nation War-Cataclysm!

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Random clips from today's nation war
No defense rune
Edit: changed video name Solitary to Cataclysm because i didn't like it

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Recent video.

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nice vid
but ur still bad
useless vit barb =\
made me rage quit game for few min
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ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ....

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Your video is so bad, it went to jail....

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I'm blue da ba dee da ba die

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Ooh a NW vid! Nice lol I get to watch how NW is like since I never get to attend it anyway ;D
Ty SnowLily for avvy ♥ and Angie for siggy ♥

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Buster tanks forever!! >:D

   Shazzy my cutie wifu!
✿   Ty Royal for the lovely art   ✿


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I saw the blue cover for your chat and I was like "mkay..." then I couldn't take my eyes off it and I was like "Never mind, I'll listen to pink fluffy unicorns". Sorry for r00dness sir :( :(