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Can someone make a Veno Pet guide?

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This may be already done, but I searched the forums and all I could come up with was a guide to veno pet evolutions etc.

I already know how to evolve my pet :) I just would love to have a veno guide that suggests the best skills for certain pets to have, or which mood skills are the most useful, or which should I try to have good defense stats or which to have attack stats (or does it make a difference?? idk!)

Basically I would like to be able to read about some pro-pk veno pets.

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magic def

bleed-same stun as monkey-pounce-protection

physical def

bleed-same stun as monkey-pounce-strong


monkey stun-protection-strong-bleed

evolved skills:

monkey Indifferent
deer Subtle
ghost Indifferent
spider Indifferent
fox valiant
owl valiant
wolf Indifferent

i always followed this kind of skills and my pets never failed.

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I have the same skills as above but for the mood i always liked leisurely, the one where the pet is immune to immobilize effects. I'm not really sure about the pros and cons for leisurely and indifferent. I dont 1v1 at all or do small pk, and its hard to keep track of my pet during mass pk, but i know it annoys the eps I stalk, or the bms. Especially when there's a big CC fest, i like it when my pet is able to stun so i can try to interrupt lol

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