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elow there....Im runningan internetcafe shop and was planning to install EpicPW in my Pc's.I mean I already DL the game but when I tried to install it in other Pc's the Avira ANtiVIruz block the launcher..can you please do something about it or do you guys have an idea what I should do?I have lots of PW players in my shop and they are interested in playing the game EpicPW...

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I'm using Avira and strangely it has never blocked anything for me. Still you can fix it by adding the launcher.exe to the both Realtime and Scan exceptions .

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u might wanna PM Agatio btw about voting system, he will know and tell you about it ;D

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Or just tun off you virus protector while installing and stuff until it's done then try to run it.
If that doesn't work or when you try and run it after the anti-virus is enabled again, look into the setting of your anti-virus and allow it in the exceptions (as Agatio posted) all anti-viruses pretty much have them.
Remember to run as administrator as well.
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