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Warning + GodsArmy vs Artifex PK

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This is my first and probably only mass pk video until i get a new laptop, it was being nice to allow me to record even tho the lag was still bad

I didn't cut or edit anything apart from when i ran out of IGs and went to get more, I had to leave in the middle of this pk

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Good video man and that music is cool

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I can't wait till I get wifi so I can pk again
Good video man and pretty solid music.

10/10 IGN
"My honor is my loyalty

Moko, Apocalypse, Zingendro got easied.
Biggest joke players in server got shown their place.


eassssssy pve pk hahaha
artifex get easiied loooooooooool  >:D >:D :)) :smiley: :smiley:

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best part is when cc squad needed ep n u squaded espio  >:(
Last time Tyrants GvG'd Artifex (made them disband)
proof of disbanding
Last DT 9 Tyrants vs 100 Artifex
mage v mage tournament

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LOOOL nice end ''brb sex''


nice video
Liked linkin park and Papa Roach's songs

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nice vid  ;)
arti got easied  :police:

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Today i realized i was on cler in CC pt without pants refined :DDDD Nice video and music.
But still, I think chat box is the best (Charli)

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Nice Video dude looks fun and easy pk I missed I was slept LOL :'(

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Nice vid. Looked like fun pk ;D
Ty SnowLily for avvy ♥ and Angie for siggy ♥

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Nice video sir i wont say anything about pk cause i'll get moderated xDDDDD
But on a side note our copied CC pts know only use 1 weapon only roar xD
Warning lose with 50 bms xD
I think chat box is the best (Charli)
I know nothing someone framed me :pig-8:

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best part " warning lose with 101 wr's " think this charlize deserve 1year mutering