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Supply Tokens

Offline Meric

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Plz Add Supply Tokens in the Donate Shop :D


you can farm them by spamming tm lunar now anyway

Offline Tonika

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That would be bad. >.< Like Scintilla said, you can farm ST in TM Lunar now anyway so it's not too bad.
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Offline IceNiki

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add everything boutique pls so i can buy "being good" :pig-8:

Offline Goz

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+1 because won't change anything
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-1 Dont think its a good idea.

Offline 1337

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You can already get a lot by donating, adding st isn't a good idea tbh


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-1 cause of obvious reasons
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save us from the lazt players  :))

Offline Frost

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-1 TM Lunar gives ST and is extremely easy. No need for other ways imo.
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-1 st are pretty easy to get already.

Offline Elekent

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+1 cuz I don't do bh, NW or farm :-X

Offline Periphery

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Might as well add 4 attack ornaments in donation if your gonna add supply tokens lol -11111111111

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-1 extremely unnecessary, Supply Tokens are already easy to aquire..