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Artifex PVP ..few days ago

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A good vidya man  :police: :police:

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1:34 Nice stacked roar..
What is normal for the spider, is chaos for the fly.

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kt big boobs mmm

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God of the quickshot.

My best part was where Cynix_ made appearance and then ran away into the night

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Don't waste my time.

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Pedro: I'm dead. I'm so dead.
Me: Nope.

Good PK.  ^-^


this was good ^_^

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nice video bro, i like your editing skills LOL, gameplay almost as good as skrillex :)
good stuff xD

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This is some shit gameplay...

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Great video and good music  :tiger-46:

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good video pedro i loved your gameplay
not bad not good
nvm no idea -.-
good music