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Goodbye my lovely muffins and haters

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Well, basicaly, as the title says, im quitting and i gave my gear away yesterday so yeah.
I hope you all will have fun here and stuff 8D

PS: Insanity and Silence are toy wrs

Offline Keiju

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Aw. I'd buff you, now that you're gearless. x:
>Wik paper ep,
>still kills Insanity.

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Bye Bye sin take care and good luck with what u do

Offline DrakeX

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whats the deal with all the quitters?
Just because I announced my quit yesterday, pfff

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ok bia just plz do'nt back ok?
lol tc have fun

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Hope you'll have fun/be happy where ever you go from here! Take care ^-^
~Now hate me for stating my opinion that conflicts with yours~