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Can you buy a host in USA?

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^ :normal-22: :normal-22: :normal-22: and no, it's not my net, I run other games and net involving programs smoothly
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Quote from: Agatio
Adding another mirrors in different world locations wouldn't have any impact on the overall latency, because server location would stay the same. All the latency issues are due to the distance to the server and network issues that happen on the way.

Quote from: Agatio
In the end it's the server location that matters, not the gateways that would be in different parts of the world. 2 separate servers wouldn't work together and moving the server to North America would be too drastic change for many players.

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+1. Would be very benificial to people who live in america who play with insane ping.

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I've never seen what good ping looks like.  :normal-9:

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I've never seen what good ping looks like.  :normal-9:

This  :-[
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Sorry can't hear you over my 100 ms

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Sorry can't hear you over my 100 ms
:normal-50: ^ damn thats mean!


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Sorry can't hear you over my 100 ms

Hah that would be the dream over here in Australia. It's 285ms on a good day

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what is better usa or europa?

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GN I'd like a server host right outside out of my bedroom window pls  :sad:

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I'm in the US and my ping is always around 200 ish so it's fine for me.  :rolleyes:
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I jump between 190 and ~800 ping, west coast via Comcast/Xfinity.