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AiZoX - Farewell

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Well this is it guys, my last video since I'm quitting. The adventure stops here. :sad: It was nice knowing you all lots of fun and things to be remembered.
Take care everyone!

I remain the best : D

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seeyanextweek  :police:

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  • ♥Zhoephast was here♥!ace too♥

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There goes one of the best sins on this game ... Hope to see you back in game at some point soon bro...
Was nice pking with and against you over the last year btw. Good video ,really like the song .

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dun gooo :'( ur gay lover (andrei) will miss u way too much :-[

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Great video brother, I will miss you even if we didnt talk that much in last time.
You are one of the best sins from this server and we will remind you.
Take care of you dear friend, pony, noob. :'( Hope you will be back one day  :normal-12:

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Avatar made by the secsiest Angie

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Sad to see you and Lenara go. Good luck with whatever you're going to do bro, I enjoyed your video.  :'(

Online Aleх

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OP video master sin , gonna miss you teacher  :normal-13: :normal-13: :normal-13: nice video as always ,op gameplay
Take care of you :3


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Leaving before we made the clash of the titans 1337 vs aizox. Good luck bro

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Jammer dat je gaat! Hopelijk kom je nog eens ff ingame^^

   Shazzy my cutie wifu!
✿   Ty Royal for the lovely art   ✿

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ay lmao... "Seeyanextweek" hypocrites  :shocked:  :rolleyes:

On topic:

You suck...  :normal-4:  :normal-37:
Joke cutie, Nice one. :-*
1v1 on gw2 or noob..

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good way to finish it all off, great vid bro  :police:

a legend never dies  ;) see you around  :normal-37:

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 :normal-13: :normal-12: :normal-13: why? explain why leave did i something wrong? omg...xD
maxime u are a great frend and good luck.. hope u comeback...OK :normal-13: nice video btw my frend and idol :normal-12: