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Since we're all geeks here, how about showing off your in-game costume ideas? I'd love to see some Ganondorf or Zelda toons. I saw a nice Assassin's Creed get-up once, but I forgot to screenshot it.

I made a really lame Sailor Moon.

Edit: I found the Assassin's Creed one! Not done by me.
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nice idea :o that Assassin's Creed one looks great haha

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Whoaaaaaaaaahhhh really looks like Ezio :shocked: Even the stripes on the puffed part of his sleeve is the same lol. Only he forgot gloves  :P
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Trish from Devil May Cry.  8) Ish.

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Jessica Rabbit.. excluding the rabbit ears, no red plump lips, no green eyes, and no red hair '-'

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Wow, the new dress is perfect for that.  :D