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Server is still timing out

Offline sadrain

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Most of my guild mates are able to log in, but I still can't. When I log in, it times out, I also can't have any patch, says unable to connect to server (but did that when I got v39 patch, too), and that I should use other update server, but there is none. Verifying did not help. ):

Maybe I could have a manual patch, please?

EDIT: Somehow, it finally patched.
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Offline minas01

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Why PW I often report bugs, request an explanation

Offline DoomRazor

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lol i ca'nt even login go thx god atleast he let u  login
also mine say unable to connect to server .....
i already update patcher too....
logged finally funny thing is idk why my ping is better now lol
ty aga u rock man 8) :P
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Offline Resolve

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i believe its fixed now working fine for me

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Offline DoomRazor

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wait for what server is on now just click on epica server from list its better than before my ping at night was over 600 now 250 xD

Offline milco342

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my login is still timing out and it is really Annoying
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Offline Agatio

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just restart the patcher