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Reshape vs Hone

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I was wondring what the diffrence is between Reshape and Hone, and what is the best stat that an Assasin can get on weapons and armor, Thank you in advance
(I found a topic about best stat but it was an old one)

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1.Reshape gives new stats
2.Hone just keeps current stats but changes the numbers on it, example dex 9 changes to dex 10 or 7 etc
3.For gear: -if you're going for aps what you need is -interval on armor (if you're rich go for 3x int wrist and 2x int top lel)
                    -if dph you need dex on armor and GoF weapon
Better to ask a sin about stats though, i only have a general knowledge about it since i don't play sin.  :-X
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Let me quote Benji on this:

Since you didnt get any decent answer.
Depends are you demon or sage. But even more do you want dph or aps.
If you want dph,you should go full r8,with so so def stats on armour.
But if you want aps,you can stay dragon,you will have aps,but thats very squishy. I would recomend 3 parts r8 (wrist,leggs,boots),get aps on wrists and you will be fine.
Another way of aps is full r8 and tons of luck and EC,to get int stats.

See what suits you best.

EDIT: idk do you want the full info,so eh. For cape,supreme: dominance..neck DC,belt warsong,best would be to have both,mag and phy. 2 might +2 atk lvl..aaand thats that pretty much.

This post is 2 years old but I suppose it hasn't changed much. I think your best bet is to keep reshaping your r8 and playing with both r8 and a mix of r8 and dragon gear to see which suits you best. If you get things like triple -int or dex, hone for bigger numbers  :police:

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