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How to switch between gears with Razer hardware made by Areashii

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Amazing man just cant believe it anymore how you do it
The way you Change gears on WR and Sin is just unimaginable
Nice Video, Top Music.
This type of crap written on forums makes me laugh somewhat due to the simplicity of what he actually does. So, I have decided to show the community of EPW how to actually do this without changing your skill bar (not much anyway), and in turn, making the EPW community more aware of switching between gears, along with other stuff (so should you decide to go into this more by yourself). Even though I despise defense gears because of how easy it is to use rather than using skills to survive, these types of comments are just awfully misinformed.

I originally intended to create a full on guide to macro creation, but some things in life just aren't meant to be because it is just simply too tedious for me to do. Why you ask? Oh but it's simple; every keyboard macro (which is by far the most convenient way to create macros for this game) requires either a script (which requires programming language proficiency, which many people here may not have due to anyone outside Artifex is either apparently ''braindead'' or ''a downer''(Which is just not true)), or different software (depending on the brand of your mouse or keyboard).

In here I will be talking about the software I would use: Razer Synapse 2.0. Now, for this you need some expensive peripherals such as let's say...Razer Blackwidow 2013 (earlier models would work too). You can also program these macros into your Razer mouse.

These are simple steps which you will need to do to be ''an amazing gear switcher''.

Step 1:
(just remember to un-tick ''record delay'' in the software)

Step 2: Instead of the macro shown in the video (lol didn't even watch video), change it to F1 F2 F3 F4 or whatever you want (with ''record delay'' un-ticked).

And that's it, this is the easiest way to do it. You don't need to be good at the game (far from it). If you have another mouse and/or keyboard (which will probably be the case, I recommend you don't fret anyway...defense gear isn't required as long as you know how to play.

Please note: Whoever has this is a "serious gamer" (according to most of the EPW community anyway), these accessories cost more than some people's laptops (sure, bad laptops, but still, laptops nonetheless). Don't let anyone tell you anything else.

Also, this was written within about 10 mins so there are probably a multitude of errors in this writing, this is because the time taken to write this ''guide'' or whatever you want to call it was severely lacking.

This section is for software which is known about for the creation of macros (this will be updated constantly, but may be left alone eventually)
Razer Synapse 2.0 (for all Razer hardware)
IntelliType Pro (for the Microsoft Intellimouse)
Corsair Utility Engine (for all corsair hardware)
Logitech gaming software (for all logitech hardware) *this may not be true as logitech makes many low-end mice which may not be supported)

'Disclaimer: This video isn't mine'
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long ago a  guy had posted a video of switching gear with autoit i believe which he dint even have to use "V" or "~" to change the rows of the skillbar so the macro can press f1,f2,f3,f4 etc
Ppl take the game way to serius nowadays i miss the day when most played on attack gears 24/7 except the support classes.
You can even tell from playoffs also since half the matches end up in duel ^-^ :'(

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Or you could just press buttons and click icons...I'm a university student...i don't have a wallet like others...soo.....yea buying all this extra shit for switching gears is dumb imo.

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>Razer hardware
>Didn't read further
>Le maymay arrows


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All this is too tryhard tbh. f1,f2,f3 & 1,2,3 work fine or C & V, Q & E, R & F.. are just some I use + clicking on some items too. Takes less than a second to go from full offence to full defence tbh.

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What Zirkon said is even more ridicule than some people switch alot more part of gears, as fast as the guy in the video, more time and not for nothing...

Don't need op keyboard or idk what..

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 :normal-13: im still using the sht called moving mouse irl and clicking, still takes 2 seconds...

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And so castles made of sand fall in the sea, eventually...

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Where is steelseries ? xDDD

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I still press f1f2f3f4 2345 manually, fck me right?


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Would've been a nice guide if the first two paragraphs weren't there.

P.S. "this type of crap written on forums makes me laugh"


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Unskilled people, go this way.

My damage log collection NEW

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Unskilled people, go this way.
Why? Because you're too clumsy and narrow minded to switch gear, improving your survivality and therefore making a better job as a DD? (Any DD that dies every few seconds in slightly equal numbers pk , aka you, is simply useless). Or maybe you're too poor to afford a def gear since you spend most of the time writting gibberish or trying to prove your facts with hardly supported evidence?
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