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Fate Denial: Godspeed(female)
I Scream(male)(Christmas reskin)
Cool Ice Sculpture(male)(Christmas reskin)
Nice(male)(Christmas reskin)
Cool Ice Sculpture(female)(Christmas reskin)
I'm Cold(male)(Christmas reskin)x2
Naughty(female)(Christmas reskin)x2
Moonlight's End(female)
Dragon's Will(female)
Demonic Wand(female)
Voidwalker Want(female)
Hero's Glaive(female)
Doom of Flowers(female)
Ice Ice Baby(female)(Christmas reskin)
Naughty(male)(Christmas reskin)
Unique Snowflake(male)(Christmas reskin)
Let it Go(female)(Christmas reskin)x2
Sanctity Glaive(female)
Violet Fantasy(female)
Roasted Chestnuts(female)(Christmas reskin)
*300 ec each

Southern Sorrow(glaive)(2013 Christmas reskin)(offer)
Frost Meteor(dual hammers)(2013 Christmas reskin)(offer)
Dragonic Specters(150 claw)
Mountain Crusher(145 dual axe)
Frantic Sunreave(145 daggers)x2
Catastrophe Stinger(140 demonic daggers)
Demonic Weapon Token x8

Str Tome
Dragon magic ring(9 magic, 40 magic attack)
Dragon magic ring(1attack, 11 str)
Dragon magic ring(11 magic, 40 magic attack)
Dragon might ring(19 str)

Fire Dragon Allecret(150 light top)

Burning Bullet
Cloudchase Gryphon
Hallowl(Halloween event flyer)x(offer)
Angel Wings(15 event token)(offer)
Gossamer Wings
Deathgrip Nightmare - Black x2
Majestic Peacock
*250 ec without offer on it.

Armored Lion(10 event token)x3(offer)
Polar Night(10 event token)(offer)
Ancient Ice Dragon
Dark Machinated Terror Egg
Solaris Phoenix
Red Cosmos
Wild Wolf
Darkflame Peagasus
*250 ec without offer on it.

All class pets:
Little Drake(5 event token)
Black Cat(4 event token)
Wf Pets:
Battle Spoopy Ghost(10 event token)
Halloween pet bat "rare"

Skill books:
Blade Tornado(wr skill)
Blinding Blaze(mg skill)x2
Galvanic Aura(ea skill)
Advanced Soul Link(wf skill)x2
Frozen Flame(mg primal skill, demon)
Shroud of Shadow(psychic skill)x2
Chi Burn(wf skill)
Summon(psychic skill)x2

Archdemon Isrifar x3
Vanishshed Ancestor
Yi the Mighty Wing

114/150 Zeal(offer)

WWI x1
Ancient Emblem x6
Cog x1
Tome Fragment x1
Dragon Blood Stone x91
Primal Blood x20

Name change stone.
Butterfly Flower, light green.
Butterfly Flower, any color.

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Are you still selling the cool ice sculpture (F) skin?

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Gimme all of those itens