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Hey guys!

I'll preface this by saying I was a veteran of PW back in the day, I played Lost City for about 3 years before finally giving this game a rest. I got partial R9 before quitting, and since I've heard about R9R and all that. I know this server uses R8 Recast, and thank goodness for that. but my questions stems from what came to PW after that.

So basically I quit around the time that the new Morai skills came out. So I guess what I'd like to know is;

What is this new 'Conception Vessel' ordeal all about? Is it applicable to this server? How do I increase my stats with it?

The new card system that boosts your stats; I need a complete tutorial.

The new Arcane somethingorother zone; what's its purpose? Is it relevant to me in this server?

Again I'm looking for in-depth responses, but it doesn't have to be written from you. If you have even a link to someone that lays it all out I'd be really appreciative. I've been skimming guides on here, and trying to find any info pertaining to this server exclusively, but it's been difficult to sort through these new systems added into the game since I last played.

Thanks again for your time! Hope to see you in game :)

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Hi and welcome. :)

First of all, we do not have R9 here. Morai skills/Descent Update can be found here:

"Conception Vessel" I am assuming you mean Meridian and is just a thing to increase your stats a bit. Info here:

That also tells about the War Avatar cards, Nuema, etc.

Also here's a link to a thread with a guide to pretty much anything you will need:
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^ what Tonika said XD welcome to epw!!  :monkey-23:

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Welcome to EPW!

Feel free to ask any of the Staff any question you may have.

You can:
- Private Message us here on the forums
- Private Message us in-game
(Check to see who is online on the home forum page.)
- Enter the EpwSupport Chat in-game
- Read any of our numerous guides here
- Use Helpdesk to ask only the Staff a question

Hope you have fun!

Take care, lovelies! ♥

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wtf lc amour ??? ??? ??? ??? ?

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wtf lc amour ??? ??? ??? ??? ?

Haha yes, hello Beach :)

Thanks everyone for the quick responses! I have some reading to do :)

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wb, and Tonika is fine =)

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welcome back, one of the best mgs

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The new Arcane somethingorother zone;
What do you mean..
Primal world?
Welcome anyways.

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