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Morai Heavy Armor Fashion - Undyable

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I just found that the Morai HA fashion can not be dyed.

You can change its color in the preview window, but the Seamstress will say that you can't dye those items.

This is the only armor fashion I've tried to dye; you might want to see if the other fashion added by the latest patch are similarly incapable of being dyed.
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As far I remember, this armor is not meant to be dyed, it will always look the same despite, just like r9

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Actually, the female morai HA cannot be dyed at all but the male body/chest piece has patches of color that can be "changed" a little bit. to "dye" it I just had to buy several pieces of the armor and try on each chest piece until i found a color i liked. I actually like the little portions that change because i can make the armor look rusty with red or shiny with white or green or add blue accents

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Well I can make it dyeable.