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Mage PvP - Where It All Began

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posting this for friend (Kiddo)

sorry video blocked in germany

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Nice video sir i'm first

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Awesome video!! You're one of the best PKers I know in this game and im glad you recorded this

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swaggy music bro ' - ' LOOOL ...

good video and really good gameplay overall , that pk seemed fun.  :normal-42:

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Nice Video my Idol  ;)

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ty all I am best

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Almost as good as Almighty and mvpswag dude
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you are so shiit dude you will never become better


Nice video brother ; - )

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MG most fun class

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i can't believe you left your old bronze coins on the ground after dying

💠 oh I cry, until I just dissolve 💠

❄ Your guardian angel. ❄

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good video meng almost as good as me