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hello everyone how are People ? :) well I'm asking When news class is ready ^^ cuz i'm trying to pwi but I'm so strange to this class xD

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Heard a GM saying 2-3 months,  can be bit less.


next year bro on 2016 >:D >:D :)) :))


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hopefully never cause the new classes are retarded highly balancebreaking....
The moment when haters become fans *rofl*

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2 or 3 month from now ??? :)

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hopefully never cause the new classes are ******ed highly balancebreaking....

Idk how you see balance in a game that makes the magic classes stronger no matter what. You already have the sin, psy, barb, veno, seeker and mystic. Also epic is r8 nothing higher then that will even matter in pvp. So saying it would be highly balance breaking is wrong. Epic has kept the server balance either way and even though ppl will complain about something they will still keep things balance even with the new race and two new classes. It won't change anything because if you look even ppl can kill them easy. It's not like the new classes can survive mass pvp like any other class. So it would be interesting to see people be able to play the new classes and have something else to max up. Also have some off the older players who left might come to try them out or end up with new players to just play the classes. The only bad part is that they have to transfer all the custom items and things and make sure the are in full working order before even releasing that kinda patch. They will test it so the classes are balance with the other classes and that will be it other then adding in their weapons and r8 gears because they use light armor and cloth so not to much they need to do just the custom items will take the most time.

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