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switching gears while transformed

Offline Death

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Would it be possible to enable transformed classes (such as veno in fox form, ep in uv) to switch gears? Do you think it would be a good idea?


horrible idea, no

Offline Agatio

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It's hard coded, I can't edit that, also probably not the best idea.

Offline Death

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It's hard coded, I can't edit that, also probably not the best idea.
Ty for fast reply  :smiley:

Yeah, I think that would be a bit too much of a change. Tbh I'm just thinking of ways to make eps more attractive to people who like dding... I've only fought one uv ep so far, seen literally a couple others and it gets a bit boring to fight sins and eas most of the time...

Offline SaltySupreme

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Thank goodness you can't change that. Last thing we need is claw barbs camping tiger mode, gg
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Offline Ivan

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It is possible to glitch weapons such as claws in tiger/fox form, but as far as I know it's against the rules  :shocked:
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LA dex venos with claws would be terrifying.

There's a glitch for this, but it's bannable. Also fairly hard to pull off. I've only done it once, and tested it on a chi post.

Swapping gears while transformed would break the game balance, if it were possible to code.
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