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Tab targeting options.

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The official GUI has this, up at the top next to the hyper/best performance options. Let's us select whether Tab will select a player a mob or everything. Any chance of our clients being upgraded to this gui?
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I would LOVE this I hate trying to tab someone then accidentally tabbing a mob. FML. I hope this option gets added soon. It's on the regular client PLEASE I BEG YOU bring it here Q_Q
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Yea i gotta agree that would be a good add to the game, it would help not just some, but EVERYONE. idk how hard it is but do eeeett agaaaa :>

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That would make everything much easier. xD

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thats probably a new feature on the PWI, i would say it came out with the last update/expansion. since only Agatio have access to the client coding itself i'll leave this one for him to answer and explain  :-\

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I checked the patch notes for Imperial Fury and Reflections. The TW bid change would be really nice here. Improved tab targeting is good too, but not really important. There is also new pvp event added, but we are going to have our custom pvp events soon that should be more interesting ;P  Beside that there is hardly anything else that would be useful here... And since every upgrade of server files requires re-adding all of the custom content, which would take 4 weeks of hard work at least, it's totally not worth to spend all this time for just these few changes.. Besides these files aren't available.. well they are but only Imp. Fury, which is very expensive, Reflections is available too, but even more expensive and from the unreliable source...
That is..

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That is..

Damn...I thought Agatio had a lot of work already + The GM's  but re-adding everything that's custom O_O....

But yeah agreed with him, since it's not so important and a tiny add (although it would be really nice ;P) not worth the trouble.
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Honestly, it's a good idea. But it's not necessary, if you really want to have precision targeting, use the damn mouse. :o

Offline Lan

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O.O  I didn't even know this was possible.  That would be cool though
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Aga, pliz see if this would be possible :monkey-1:
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This would be awesome. I think we just have to wait and see if we get the newest update  :tiger-34: which i want badly.
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that sounds pretty nice xD
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