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Can't complete Liu Soo's Plea

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Hello, I have had this problem for a couple of days/weeks now. To complete the primal daily Liu Soo's Plea I have to kill fortunate disciples, after whose death river spirit projections should spawn. The problem is these rsps have been spawning before, but now they don't. I've killed dozens of those disciples, with the effect or without, and nothing spawned at all.
Sometimes when I melee attack the disciples (which is difficult, since I'm ep and keep missing) the rsp spawns before the disciple is dead.


Take off your weapon so that you don't overkill em.

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Hey there.. Someone else had a similar problem, and EvilTouch and Tonika figured it out :) Here's a link to that thread, it has nice explanations and pictures.. Hopefully it helps :D


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Thanks for the replies  :smiley: I'll mess around with attacking them barehanded/gearless later.

I'd like to think that means I'm so stronk I'm bugging the game lol.

Edit: Unequipping wep seems to fix the problem. Thanks for the tip  :police:
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