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Remove Accuracy chance on Magic R8

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I'm not sure why this stat is even on a magic weapon. It makes literally 0 sense as to why this is a roll-able stat, unless future Mystics are supposed to be an APS class?

Accuracy has 0 affect on anything having to do with a magic class, since they cannot miss like a Physical DMG class.

This was clearly added by the Dev's to be a troll-reroll and money sink.

Please remove this, for the love of God and all humanity.

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its look good on weap nty

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well if you do this, then everyones gonna whine and complain. "remove this from that" "remove that from this"

the reason you're getting this is because i think add ons are set by armor/weapon category. not bow/wand/sword etc.

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I feel you  :sad:

but yeah I agree with IMN666 I don't think it will happen cos of that
It would be nice tbh. Or at least cut down the rate of getting accuracy on r8 for magic classes. Pls?<.<

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yes because they don't need it  :police:

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But if they remove all the bad stats from a magic weapon like hp, accuracy etc. ... the game will get boring.
All people would run with "high end" gear. No more advantages, no more fun !?
Thats why i see no reason the GMs should do it.

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no, -1.
I need accuracy when I smack axes during toad on my ep.  :smiley:
/End Sarcasm

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+1 m3ng .... once i made atk lvl +25 and 3x accuracy ... luck i forgot to SS it : (


Magic CAN miss. It's rare that it happens, but I've seen it happen. (Had it happen to me a few times in PVE)


the game is already OP looool

anyway removing the accuracy will be nice and will not change much...

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Magic CAN miss. It's rare that it happens, but I've seen it happen. (Had it happen to me a few times in PVE)

You're really stupid.

Either way, i agree but i also don't think it'll happen because of what imn said

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Magic CAN miss. It's rare that it happens, but I've seen it happen. (Had it happen to me a few times in PVE)

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Also remove mp plis.  :sad: