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Elementclient.exe not working

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Hello guys I have a problem with my element client  when i click it . it doesnt show anything but when i click the start.bat in the folder it works but it shows only chinese server with --- on ping and population . I hope u can help me thanks :D

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3. Game client won't open or crashes at start
- Install DirectX 9.0c by running dxwebsetup.exe file located in EPW/element/ directory and check again
- Reinstall your graphic card drivers and check again
- Update your Windows (if your system is outdated it might be missing some libraries required to run the game)
- Install Microsoft Net Framework 4
- Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)
- In the end restart your PC and check again
- If it still fails, redownload / reinstall the client
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Don't forget to check your anti virus program and firewall settings before redownloading, might be blocked or something