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Opinions about Clerics and Archers ?

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I have all classes R8 geared with good stats beside cleric and archer.
I don`t really know what class I should make as a main as I am mostly doing 1v1`s.

What classes I find hard to fight against ? Well the 3.33 GOF assassins.
Fking hit like a truck on all my classes , nothing I can do , true if I use absolute domain I may have a chance to kill them but nah , not possible cause tidal is 60% evasion of stuns from any other classes.

So , in 1v1 , what is better to fight with ? A cleric or archer ?
Don`t tell me about all other classes because I have them already , spend lot of moneys on them to get full r8 with ds and ws belt and such and I don`t really like one in 1v1. I have some fun with sin/seeker/barb but I am bored of them.

So what goes better in 1v1 ? What shall I stick with ?

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Clerics get very boring really fast in 1v1s imo, idk about archers, never rly 1v1'd with mine.
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Clerics get very boring really fast in 1v1s imo, idk about archers, never rly 1v1'd with mine.
Why does they get boring ? Other classes bored me to death though so I really have to try a new class otherwise I don`t have any pleasure to play the game , and besides from clerics or archers there`s no class that I could try.
Im only asking because I really don`t want to spend $200 on archer for example and then I realise that I don`t like it.

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1v1 wise EP(Cleric) is op as fck if u have the brain to change 5 items from dd to def and camp due to shackle, sog/sleep spam without any timing required, cant say its op as fck unless u go tryhard def etc
EA is average? loses vs several classes by default if u are not -6% ct all pieces , dex build is harder and does imply some skill, aps not so good at 1v1 but yet effective
if i wanna have fun id rather 1v1 on EA and die to some crits etc since is squishy rather than winning every round on ep coz its easy, but get bored like sht

ps: if u wanna win vs 3.33 gof sins just use these on EP and just shackle and spam sht
~ defence cape ascended
~ vit tome
~ phy ring
~ reduce phy dmg armor
~ purify weap with atleast 5% rpd or 5 def levels
camp till tidal off and done
rest classes? just sog/sleep and time ur shackles/mark of weakness + plume shots vs arcanes and LA classes full mdef, metals vs others etc
ep is boring after a while
vs sin as EA just make sure u hit hard, the harder u hit, the better it gets
hit harder, use ur kiting skills, leaps, wing rise, evasion buff, stealth, range skill to keep dmging w.o geting touched, etc

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Thanks for the reply Seby , it seem`s good an EP since I mostly do 1v1s and you also state that it gets boring.
Well as an EP you can easy switch to a support class and do mass pk , I know it will get very fustrating since when you step out of sz in mass pk you are the first that dies , but oh well I think cleric is a good class for me and hope that with this investment in donation I can get decent armors on it.

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Both are terrible.

Just submit to the evil and cash shop to make a 3.33 sin yourself, there is no winning here.

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Both are terrible.

Just submit to the evil and cash shop to make a 3.33 sin yourself, there is no winning here.
Gosh....Dom so mean :( IM TELLING!!!!!! 

Any who...that just depends on u, dude. Not gonna lie...da best pk EP I have ever seen was on Arch...(lol, watch..imma crappola for dis)..... He smashed on every1 lol......still haven't met Aurelius's match. 

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archer is much more fun imo


I have an EP and yes, its really boring bec. of same skills that you need to spam(But my favorite Ep skill is Magic(al) Shackle, its so OP). Its more challenging to be a support one  :P. EA seems more enjoyable compare to EP I think  :-\
A good ep can actually beat any class (reasons have been stated above) and they are really fun to dd with. (like improving your survivability in vd and all) 
Never played ea tbh but as far as I know the best eas on server are mostly doing mass and I only know a few that have beaten me on ep in 1v1

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Don't make an EA. We just keep getting nerfed for no reason.
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the answer is assassssssssin

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what about archers has been nerfed recently?
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Ea if you plan on being sage chan, and you have decent ping/fps/reaction time.  

If your ea is demon, don't even think about 1v1.  Demon ea's can still 1v1 of course, and I did so for a long time before making a sage one.  However, they're a lot harder to 1v1 on than almost anything else you'll play due to a very short stun, low chi gain + high chi costs, and low chan for skilling.

Ep is a more static playstyle with more room for mistakes.  Overall, you will have an easier time fighting most classes as an ep.  You'll have to get used to a rather cheap playstyle as a 1v1 ep.  Spamming your standard debuffs, sleeping/soging/camping puri + def gear + vit tome, and maybe even a phys ring if you're a real scumbag might get a bit tiring for some.  I somewhat liked my 1v1 phase when I started doing it with my ep, but I got bored of it quickly.  Winning just didn't feel like winning when the gameplay was so repetitive.

In the end, Ep if you want an easier time.  Ea if you want a bit more challenge and don't mind being a bit more vulnerable.