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Hello Everybody! Is EPW worth for playing in 2015?

Hello Everybody, I just created a forum account to ask a very simple question. I'm playing MMORPGs to play with nice folks. Is Is EPW worth for playing now? Is the server dead or popular? Oh, and is the client hard to install? :) Please community, give me answers...!


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Client is easy to install, just extract the rar and you are done  :-\
Population is pretty good :) can't reveal numbers though :/

Rest you need to judge for yourself :/ hard to judge for others, that would be imbuing thoughts in your mind, so youwouldn't experience the situations for yourself.

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i have played here off and only about 4yrs. So it has good and bad points like any game site on;line. So you would have to try for your own opinions.

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Honestly if you comparing EPW  to PWI or other PW servers then this is the best server where you can be, I been here since end of 2013 and it's been fun since then.  If you enjoy pk then daily and all around the clock we have mass pks. If you enjoy 1v1s there are always people looking for some. PVE is decent 3 days of PVE will get you 150 and the rest isn't too hard. Almost forgot to mention that there is events all the time  :P :D

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EPW is by far the most crowded and active PW Server.
I would say it's honestly more active then official servers for the most. You have ofc timezones like everything else.

PVP wise i don't think you will find any server that can bring you more offer ( unless maybe one of the brazilian servers but that's a very diff situation).
Installing the server is quiete easy i'd say , just like any other game pretty much, there's even an auto patch for when you are done installing .
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That's for you to judge but if you really need to know you're question is positive. EPW is worth for playing in 2015. Well, it does for me. GMs aren't any legends, they're interacting with players through various events (http://epicpw.com/index.php?board=11.0) and a daily open support chatroom to ask your questions. Leveling is pretty easy, which may give you the impression that this game is way too easy, but getting to 150 level (which is the level cap) doesn't make you a pro. You need to craft your own gears (way easier than PWI) but still you need luck for reshapes and honing it. It's the far most active private server that I know and I firmly believe that if you join and try your pvp skills in a PVP Guild, you're going to love this game! :)

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EPW is a double edged sword

Many players come to private servers to escape the P2W mentality of official, however on Epic the P2W strategy still applies. But hey, that's capitalism, right? Plus the server has to run somehow.

Although much easier than official by a long shot, this server requires a lot of time and effort to be truly "Endgame", with gear gaps. Only way to close these gaps is by either

1) Donating to the server for materials; which is still no guarantee of getting the stats you want.
2) Farming endlessly for hours on end on multiple different characters until you get the stats you're wanting.

The gear gap which I speak of is  minor, however at the same time major.

For example: If you play a wizard and have -6 channeling bracers, and -3 channeling  x1 on each piece of your rank 8, you will easily be destroyed by any other wizard/class that has x2 -3 channeling on each piece of their gear.

The simple difference of -9 channeling makes the difference. Wizard, being the class that most likely requires the most amount of cash-shopping other than APS archer or APS sin, is also the hardest class to get these rerolls on. The % chance of getting these stats is ridiculously low, and unless you're planning on rerolling your gear hundreds of times for the results you want you're SOL.

As I mentioned, a double edged sword. It takes a long time to hone and shape your gears until they're perfect, making them in a way, special to you. This makes people want to stay on this server and not run away to the others who offer "easier, faster" experiences. This also benefits the players who don't want to PvP constantly, and like to PvE and the grind of it all.

The only other feature that's challenging on this server is ornament engraves, it's very hard to get anything decent.

(By decent I mean, double of one stat +11, or +10/11 & 2 attack or defense levels)

However again.
As I mentioned, a double edged sword. It takes a long time to hone and shape your gears until they're perfect, making them in a way, special to you.

The rarity of decent engraved items also makes a thriving market, which is good.

Nation Wars is very active, there is constant events that make the server interesting, as well as many PvE styled events for the community to partake in on forums, and on game.

Epic Perfect World is the best server that exists for Perfect World. It's extremely PvP active, and PvE active, and fun. World chat is active, there's many guilds that you can join depending on your interests, and for the most part the staff is kind and fair. Agatio the developer listens to the community's suggestions and implements them, which is awesome and something that's hard to find nowadays.

If you're willing to work for your gears, join a faction that suits you, and try and have fun, you'll like it here.
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Gee I donno. Lots of phony ass people turned their backs on the server and went elsewhere because we don't have the new races.
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Most popular and active server, easy install client, gms are active maximum time, ingame Support room always ready for your help, you can choose pvp or pve, both are available, easy to get gears,
http://epicpw.com/index.php?topic=16418.0  here u have leveling guide, and lots more

Enjoy ur game, happy gaming  :police:

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it is because the pvp is nice
It's the most active and popular private server so far. So yes it's totally worth to play.

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It's absolutely worth playing , you get massive pvp in the server ,GM's here are very friendly and helpful unlike other servers and you can level up easily here and get in pvp. Have fun playing it :)

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Even if you dont like PVP (like me) ... it is worth to play ;)
There is so much to discover and there are many Events.
And especially the epw team ) they are all magnificent !