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Flyers for Earthguard Suggestion

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As the title, I prefer mystic and seeker to use wings which are winged elf and tideborns' flyer. It is because the way earthguard members use their flyer are same as winged elf and tideborn. And I think it will look better than Human and Untameds' flyers. :P

Offline Agatio

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Earthguards don't have built-in animations that would support flying with wings. So if earthguard equipped and tried to use wings, it would be entirely static. Character would just move in the air with no animation at all. Moreover there would be no animations when casting skills either.

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I think will look just like the Cloud flier (and I heard few people complaining about it - like it copy the previous animation while you pressed on fly, or the kissing does not work while in carry  - and we have many e-dates here xD).