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Invoke quack - TW Ducks VS ThaClicK 30.03.2015

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Wauw. BB. Such hack.
Was fun TW =)
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"invoke quack"  :normal-2: :pig-47: :monkey-36: :tiger-19:


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"invoke quack"  :normal-2: :pig-47: :monkey-36: :tiger-19:


They said invoke hack I said quack. o/ LOL
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Good job, Duckies ;)

Thanks for the fun, tc
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:tiger-40: QUACK QUACK QUACK :tiger-40:

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That was so entertaining. lol I love how I was just floating there like...uhh someones hp go down so i can give heals? no...? then got bored and dropped down and started DDing

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If you look real closely you can see that the invoke quack is actually bb  ???
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That song.... LOL
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Rude is hacker lol....
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nice video and overall a fun tw

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Quack. :-X
nice video


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haha this song i like it  ;D