Epic Perfect World

Game Client Mirror 2 direct download europe

Hello, I downloaded the Epic Perfect World: New Horizons (7.6 GB)
Mirror 2 - Direct Download - Europe and when I try to open it, they say 'can't open archive' what should I do? pls help me out

Offline Agatio

  • Game Veteran
Please try unzipping the archive with 7zip software. http://www.7-zip.org
If it doesn't work, you can check with 7zip CRC checksum of the zipped client to see if it got corrupted:
the CRC checksum is: 3938A184
Could you please tell me how I can see the 7zip CRC checksum of the zipped client. :s

Offline Agatio

  • Game Veteran
Open the file in 7zip explorer and go one level higher in directory so you see the zip. Now right click and choose "Calculate checksum".
If 7zip didn't let you extract the file, then you probably should redownload the game, preferably via torrent as they almost never get corrupted.