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New player in need of help

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Hi there,

This is my very first time playing Epic perfect world. I am previously from Devastation PW & Vendetta PW. But i have not been playing PW for about 2 years, i would like to know how would a newbie (no friends in this server as far as i know) start around in this server. I have been looking at the guide section for awhile, dont seem to have a step-by-step guide for a perfectly new player (forgive me if there is).

Thank you

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I can help you, pm me in game if you have any questions :D

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I joined like two months ago and even now I am still learning new things! Most of the help I have gotten was from game guides. You can find most the beginner guides at the top section under Game Help - Game Guides, I at first used the Beginner's Guide found here, but I had a lot more help in the leveling guide found here.

Good Luck! and feel free to pm me if you want someone to talk to. (oh also I forgot to mention I played Vendetta too if you remember me)

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if u need any help or u have questions u can olways pm Byakko_