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Should I change classes?!

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Hmm ive been and EP and EA for a while. Not known but still good enough but im getting bored o: how shall i have fun? Shuld i join mass Pk faxtion with one of these or shall i change classes? If i should change classes, which should ichange too and why' thanx in advance!


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Those both are pretty much fully ranged classes, it also sounds like you prefer those..so if you were to change classes I would probably suggest something that is easier to get the hang of playing, perhaps psychic? In my opinion this is a fairly easy class to learn as well as entertaining. But, if you didn't want to play that class then I would probably suggest a wizard. Though that class is a bit more of a pain for gear, honestly. You need a good amount of channeling to be able to cast your skills so you don't die. I will say though, wizard is a lot of fun to play. I enjoyed it quite a bit and I think most of everyone else that played it does also.
Besides getting magic or channeling on gear for either of the classes listed, they are pretty easy to gear. And you could practice in 1v1s to get the hang of the class and combos. (=
But hey, you could perhaps just join a bigger guild like you said if you didn't want to make a new class. I would put ea in a pk guild, offering experience for your class as well as entertainment. c:

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I would recommend making a full vit barb, all vit, def lvls etc, and keep farming nuema in Hallucinatory Trench all day, all night. Then, when you've got a 100 of each kind, go to city of the lost and sell them, making sure to record all info you can get on each buyer. When you're done you can grab any character (no stat requirements, even lv 110 can do that!) and walk around picking herbs so you can make some life powder for your vit barb. That will make it easier to farm nuema.
Edit: In case you were wondering why record all info on buyers, you'll want to contact them when you get more nuema so you can sell them to them, ofc. Then you can also check if the nuema helped them get better.

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Well, is your decision what you do  :-\ No1 can decide for you exactly what you should do, it will affect your personality. Pick the classes that represent you (maybe class that you always did wish to play). For me, cleric is boring (auto heal buff nonstop and same thing over and over again - no offense for anyone). Archer is an expensive class as well (considering you need int gears also - if you demon) and if sage (good ct). After all you can just switch to a new class (and waste a bunch of money) or just improve yourself at these 2 classes.  :rolleyes: Maybe not the best answer ever, but if you need an advise ask yourself what you really want? ( I always say that to people who ask if they should be demon or sage on their culti, overall if you have someone to blame later..isn't better that you blame yourself?)

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It depends on you but venomancer is an easy to play class, if you know the combos! Hardest thing on veno is to know when to change into fox form though, you'll need to work on that. I'm just suggesting, not telling you what to play, it's your decision after all! And to sum, joining a mass pk faction with either your ep or ea would improve your playstyle too. Join one and you'll know which class you prefer most so you can master it! Have fun and see you in game. :)

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Stay ea :-X or try wiz ...idk your decision.


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I just made a psychic a few days ago, and it's been pretty fun. That's my recommendation.

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APS Werebeast is the obvious choice....

(Make a full -CT Sage Mystic because its disgustingly broken)