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I know a lot of you for a fact don't care, won't care, and probably will sit on Skype or whatever it is with your buddies and laugh at this and trash talk... Or respond to this probably with some rude and unnecessary comments. That's fine and dandy. You do you. I'm used to it all by now.  :rolleyes:

I've been on this server for too long and probably should have quit for good a long time ago but now I am. I've got too many real life things going and other things and now have no real reason to play or log on anymore. I've met some pretty awesome people through here and people who have definitely put an impact on my life as lame and pathetic as that sounds. It was all fun while it lasted but sadly there's not much fun to this anymore.

Regardless if I won't be talking to that person anymore and how ridiculous and stupid they think I am, I have given my account away because there's no other use for it and leaving it there to become inactive and eventually deleted or taken over by a GM would be pointless. So if you see my characters online, it's not me.

Thanks to everyone that made EPW worth playing and logging on at some point or another. Also a thank-you to all of the other people who made this game more interesting with their rumors, hatred, jealousy, drama, gossip, stupidity, and 13 year-old mentalities. It was fun while it lasted but it's time to move on. Take care and have fun playing this for however long PW stays relevant.
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awwwww :'( we didn't talk dat much ig , but u sound a really nice person  O:-) hope u comeback someday, tc :-\

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bai TC hope you do well with life  :monkey-36:

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ok, adios amiga, t'was fun pking with you :sad:

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cya in 1 week / month


See ya pro veno, enjoy life  :smiley:

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Take care and hope things go well for you.

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take care, hope things go well for you
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Aw man you were one of my favorites, tc and good luck  :sad: :-X

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i don't know what's your in game name cause we never talk before maybe : (,
but its really sad because you left, idk why but tc and hope see ya soon  :normal-1:

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LOL to this  " 13 year-old mentalities" hahahahahaahaha good luck have a good one :) GOD BLESS ALWAYS


Take care of yourself. I wish only the best for you. <3

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Mail iten to Raviel bb :rolleyes:
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