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How many times can you bump your own video on the media section? Thanks


It's normally frowned up to bump your own thread without some sort of update or new upload. If you have something new to post, then by all means, post the new content, but to just flat out bump it without content is considered spam in a forum such as the Media forum.

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If you started a competition though or a poll and you need more participants or votes, you can bump it till you get the needed participants/votes. I don't that this is considered spam. :)

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i guess u can bump endless times as long as u dont bump every 2-3h (or less......)

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what they are trying to say is that, if you posted something in the media section (videos, a post stating your opinion..asking for nerfs whatever etc....) and you bump it more then 1 time in a day. it is considered spam. i could see if you didnt have any views since you posted it. but if your constantly getting views but no comments. there is no reason to bump it. since people are viewing it. just because you view a thread doesnt mean you have to post on it. dont worry gordon, the media section is always busy with eager readers and post farmers. your vids will always gets views.   :-\
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