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I know a lot of people use Spotify have their own playlists they've created. So here's a thread where you can share/link them down below. I was thinking this might have to go into the "Music can't live without it!" thread but I feel like a link for your playlists belong someplace else. You don't have to link yours, of course. You can use this thread to listen to other people's playlists to discover new music, ect. You can also link random playlist's you've found on Spotify as well.

Anyway, here's two of mine:

PK playlist
My massive Trap/Chillstep/Trance, ect playlist

PS: you're more than welcome to follow me on there if you want.

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#stickythread starter....this girl going to places.... well not far cause well the thread is probably gonna be sticky note or something but places...

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Why sad aw