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TW Ducks VS ThaClicK 21.03.2015

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Baddie barb, was a fun and close tw as usual, good job  :police:
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 nice vid
again i went sleep early sry :'( could not come

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Whewwwwwwww good vid dood. \m/
n aww you used my duck duck goose :< *sniffles* proud.
You right tho music can be better lol <3
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Good one, good job, thanks for TW!
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Good video, hun, and thanks for the fun TW ThaClick!
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that tw look amazing i hope that both guilds start doing more pk instead of onli tw u.u but like said that tw was really good loking and fun from your pov good video good wb good music

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Nice video  :smiley:

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