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Mystic Female ini Event- Winner

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Hello guys... I am updating this to say ill be closing event next saturday 29th (so week from today 22th) and same day will post the winners... ty all that joined and those (if there is some) who will join till end of week...
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I can try to replicate but i'll need you to fix the dead line(i could replicate few other presets but too lazy to find ss's)... I've been busy with other stuff and i dont have much time to make your ini.

So yeah, whenever you set the dl pm me on forums, Thanks.

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only 1 entry this time >:

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Goodluck to all.
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Can change the colors if you want something else.


Will fix and add later. :-X
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I can try for you :3
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Can change colours ofc xD hope theirs something useful for you or anyone else o.o

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You can change color of hair and eyes, and the body I've made it the way I like it.

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 :tiger-44: here goes mine

Here is 3 more for me :-*
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These are mine:
Hope you like them!
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wow there's a lot of good entries here. good luck to all.
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I think I had a little too much fun making all these mystic ini  :monkey-47:

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I know say not looking for specifics, but maybe there is an expression you prefer more. The sad or how EP has a more serious look.