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Introduction to Lelo 101

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Monday – Sunday 4:20 AM – 3:60 PM (or 4:00 PM 4 da skrubs)
Room: Ur nan's bedroom m8, right side of bed
Instructor: Professor xXx_Wr3Ck1nE4$!3s_xXx HighFactorYoloSwag360 (PhxD)
Email: [email protected]
Office Hours: kid ur bad what makes u think u deserve to be in my office u little nerd

Hey scrub! Are you tired of being a little baddie that gets easily destroyed by high factored individuals? Are you some mad unknown nerd that constantly gets dominated and alpha'd by 420blazers, forcing you to watch anime, :3 in safezone, and upload poorly edited mass PK videos with plebian eurotrance music which amounts to 50 views in 8 months? This course serves as an introduction to Lelo: a constantly evolving theoretical science aiming to enlighten beta non-value players into something remotely challenging, and to explore the Leloverse: an all-encompassing realm consisting of “factors” and “easies”. This is a 420 hour, 0 credit course.

Pre-requisites: KEK099 (Remedial Course: if you are reading this syllabus that means you have most likely already taken Remedial Kek courses because ur not good kid l3l)


An account on Reddit.com. You are required to be subscribed to the following subreddits: /r/circlejerk, /r/adviceanimals, /r/funny, /r/montageparodies, /r/atheism, /r/theredpill, /r/gonewild
At least 1337 dank memes browsed
Membership to an MLG clan/guild such as FaZe, OpTiC, Xpendable
A portion of marijuana for every lecture
OBEY hat
A fedora/trilby collection
A bag of family sized Doritos
2 Liter Bottle of Mountain Dew
Access to an Epic Perfect World character (ur not good anyway so why bother u sht lel get rekt)
A sniper rifle with a scope (the scope is not used throughout the semester)

“The origin of Lelo” -  A 360-year study with the objective to explore the origin and meaning of lelo.
This study attempts to convert l3l0 scriptures into an understandable medium that could be easily interpreted by “saddies, maddies, and baddies.” Scriptures include forum posts by CaptainKek, Sarju, and Professor Lelo, l3l0.jpg files, ;kid ur not good' scriptures, and Aldin quotes.

“yoloswag360” - A topic focused on the scholars and founding fathers of lelo. Subjects include Xaro$ (stylized as X420$), Jewlia420, yoloswag360, 918 The Scrub Wiper, RObbert, and MEDIKAYSHUN.

“l1l” - This topic focuses on “Angey Buth0lE”: a contemporary form of lelo, and how pre-historic lelo influenced its development. Other contemporary forms of lelo explored in this topic are “ey b0ss”, “Viper The Rapper”, and “u r sux men :))”.

“getGood kid” A final practical study testing the skills learned in Intro To Lelo to see if you are worthy of being acknowledged by me, or if you stayLow scrub. Final exams include winning a 1v1 with an Xpendable titan while they are actually trying, and a 420,000 word paper research paper on all the easies you have destroyed. This paper will be graded on a scale of zero to zero.

I look forward to you little e-daters attending my course! R u strong lOl? By the end of my course, I bet you will be smart player and goodied, and maybe you will survive more than a nanosecond from total subatomic disintegration! I will quote legendary l3l0 scholars to end this syllabus:

“dontMad dontSad stayStrong enjoyLIFE” -yoloswag360

“kid you are not good. allow me to explain why you are not good. you are not good because you are not good. since you are not good, you are also not good, so do not try to be good because you are not good kid. if you want to be good you have to be good like me because i am good and you are not good kid. in conclusion, kid you are not good. lol_KidYouAreNotGood_lol” - xXx_WreckinEasies_xXx

wawe son I bet u r angey buth0lE l1l aer u angererd in yer pooper why sO HURTMAD canoT hanDel teh BUTTFRESTRETIENS BUTTAUTESM ANGHEY l1l l3l l4l

with the sincerest dorito dust- Professor Lelo PhD in eyb0ssgibedepusipls


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Please,teach me your ways.
I want to be factor individual. :-X O:-)
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Edit: You forgot to add MLG shades to the course materials.
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I'm sure Kareem is one of the professors.

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Best thread on EPW Forums atm , bumping this

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Oh, I like this university. Do you also have a course that talks about the origins of autism? I would really like to attend this class because I believe that I suffer from this xD.
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