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So because I am a greedy mofo I've made all the mag classes and they are 150. Now before I make any of them r8 I would like to know what to go for. My top 3 that I'm really focused on are my Demon mystic, Sage Psychic, and Demon veno. So as the title says when I do decide to get r8 stats what do I go for? -Chan to spam skills at the speed of lag light :)) or mag to hit like a truck? From what I know about pwi you can't really seem to get both.You either hit hard but cast slow as tar or you cast fast but your damage is pitiful.

 But this isn't really pwi and new gear=new rules  \o/

And as a side note if by chance I roll atk/def lvl engraves do I keep shooting for magic or keep the atk/def lvls?

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I'm no pro, but from what i gathered, most people go channeling on demon chars and mag on sage ones.. It's basically what you prefer, and you could always get 2 sets of gear (1 mag and one chan) and compare them yourself, see what you like more :)

As for the engraves, generally speaking, attack level/mag is the best you could get for full out damage, but double mag isn't bad at all :D

Good luck out there :3

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Apparently since you chosen Demon Mystic you don't need channeling as much as magic since you have 10% extra than sage because of the Rapid Growth, but don't forget Sage hits stronger due to 25% extra wood damage from Wood Mastery. When I say less channeling I refer to only 1 piece and half to have magic to replace the 10%.
As a Sage Psychic you should roll for magic for stronger hits when you go black voodoo.
In my opinion your Demon Veno should be combined with 2x stats of channeling and one magic/reduce physical defense.
As for the engraves you need 2 sets of ornaments for magic class. One full def and one full attack/magic.
NB: Do not forget you need 2 sets of cards as well (defense and attack). Magic classes are scary but so squishy so you should try to play safe until you get used with it.

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Well, no one really casts SUPER slow on this server.
Both your rings will give you 10% chan each ring. Your neck and belt each have 6%. So right there you have -32.

Now if you use a magic tome, you get an extra 3%.
If you use supreme robe you get another 6%.
That gets you up to 41% chan.

You can also use the dragon cape, which gives you 5 def instead of the 6% chan. And a vit tome instead of the mag which will take away the extra 9% you get from both.)

I'd suggest always using -6 chan in your weapon's stones, that gives you an extra 12.

You can use def weap, attack weap, or a glaive.
The glaive will give you -16%
And the r8 weapons always have a chance for that extra 3%.

That's 69% using all the above calculations.

You should always get -chan wrists, that's an extra 6% once you hone them. That would give you a base of 75%, and the rest of it you can get magic or other stats of -chan.

I'd suggest always getting a mix of chan and mag. If you get high magic say 2x rolls of magic and a random extra, I would suggest keeping that set, an then going and making another r8 piece and try for chan. If you say get 2x chan, and magic, then keep that set and leave the double magic in your bag and use the other for the main piece. You can also try rolling for a def set of gear along with your attack.
You can also get double stats of strength and restat, but remember if you get strength and do restat, you can't switch gear without not being able to wear the rest of it unless both pieces have the strength.
You also can't really get insta cast on this server. You can get close, but not fully insta.

You can't really plan for what you will get exactly, you just have to roll with what you are given.
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Thank you all for the responses/pointing me in the right direction!  O:-)

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Choose -Chan, camp a magic R8 is useless(i can prove u why, but only if u ask), or u can choose crit to hit like a truck.

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I would go for chan and crit. I mean, once you have tons of magic any further additions aren't as 'visible' as slightly faster channeling and slightly more frequent crits. That also depends on your class. A wiz needs all the -chan it can get, but a psy can afford more crit instead since its casting is pretty fast already.

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Chant and crit :)
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for psy, w.e culti u go
just get
2x mag and 2% critic all pieces
= good dmg with atleast 35-45% critic is just so good LOL.
if u get 2 atk 1% critic engraves on items u might reach 50% which is literally a crit of 30k every 2 hits... theoreticly

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which is literally a crit of 30k every 2 hits

without debuffs  :-X

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Lol, I can say for a fact you can have both.

My veno is demon and has about 90%+ chan (I can't post a pic showing this because I'm at work and shirking off my duties) and my base mag high gets to around 75k+ with all buffs and I also have 91 atk levels with runes and blessing.

I hit fast and I hit hard. I'm just squishy when all my life saving crap is in cd.

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Full magic on psy. They're the only magic class that I'd say don't get any chan on. I wouldn't go out of my way to get crit on my gear/orns, but if you get double magic/str+ crit, keep it
Mystics don't need all that much chan either, maybe -6 on wrists but then magic on errything else.
As for veno, a lot of people that I've seen aim for/have -6 on all their gear. I've got -3 and magic/str on most pieces and I still cast quickly. Venos need chan more than other classes, but I wouldn't go full chan build personally.(Don't shoot, frens, is just my preference.)
Mages need all the chan. Double chan on each piece g0.

Having more than one set of gear never hurt anyone. You should have at least two. One for attack+one for def. Other than that, play around with mystic/veno gear until you find out which you prefer. Those two come down to preference more since they double as DDs/support and people's opinion on how to gear/play them varies a lot.

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Mystics don't need all that much chan either, maybe -6 on wrists but then magic on errything else.

no dude..casting aoe heal at the speed of fast is good bro.. -6 everything..

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Since all of the ppl who have responded so far only know mass pk, here is what u should get would u want to focus on 1v1 too:

mystic -> as much channeling as u can get. Getting the same amount as on Dragon gear is decent, everything over that helps to make stuff easier.

psy -> full magic. Some people want crit on engraves or in r8 set, or a hybrid of magic and crit. None is THAT much better than the other, so it's ur call.

veno -> full channeling, basically same as mystic.

Two sets is always better than one, but since it hurts our wallets (or ec stacks) focus on this first.
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Make multiple sets for each class and use scripts  :normal-1: