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Seekers "floating" on the Arctic Wolf?

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(Not sure if this is the correct place to put this or if it's been talked about before if it has GM please delete or move this thread to the proper home thanks!)

I don't know if anyone has ever pointed this out but i'm trying to keep a theme going with all my toons. Call me OCD or whatever you like but Glacia here is my "ice/arctic" toon and I like the Arctic Wolf as her mount. However as you see in the picture when she has mounted it she's sort of "floating" above it. I don't know if this is with the patch or something you guys can fix or if it's just a bug on my end. It's fine with every other mount i've tried on my seeker but this Artic Wolf here. Thanks in advance if you can help. :)

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All my chars kinda float on it, it's funny XD wasn't really bothered by it but if it could be fixed it would be awesome :) Also i think it's in the source code, so Agatio can't do anything about it...i could be wrong ofc

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