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Offline Ivan

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Please don't forget to nerf/fix the battle goat pet GN, it is as tanky as a drake and hits as hard as an owl :( Also guild icons  :'( I hope _Boner won't forget to send you the new AG logo.
And I am totally not butthurt for losing a 1v1 to a battle goat pet
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Offline Eternity

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I bet that GMs will balance the goat's stats, you needn't worry about it.

Offline Chocolate

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GM don't nerf goat, he is just not good.
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Offline Sideris

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GM don't nerf goat, he is just not good.
Tru stori.
1 2 3 dead from goat, booo. N00p.
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Offline LailaMery

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i think he already did , when i tried to switch my goat's skill from water to wood , the damage decreased from 3500 to 2500 as wood damage , so i tried to switch back to water skill , but it seems that the damage still the same and im still confused if aga fix/nerf or not... and why would he nerf/fix WHYYY :'(