Epic Perfect World

what is perfect world and how is the UI system

i have never played any kind of perfect world game at all and i was wonddering about the UI system and how the game is played is it played with a storyline quests or a do whatever you wanna do gaming experience

Thanks :)

Offline Keroh

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There are quite a few story line quests, both short and long, but you can also do things freely as you wish.  You're not restricted to following quests exclusively since you level quite fast and generally skip past the low end quests.  You can avoid every quest if you so choose aside from cultivation and head hunter daily quests as well.  So basically what you do here in pw is totally up to you and your preferred style of play. Also, welcome aboard, I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself.

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Game interface you can learn pretty quick.

You also have help screens every few levels.
(You can turn them off if they start bothering you.)

Once you get familiar with UI (how to do things)
you can find good guides here on forum (what to do).

One by one thing will come together, and there will always be
players ready to help when you want/need.

Here on this server most of the people just kill mobs and bosses
to get experience points, spirit points, coins, Epic Coins and
materials to build next grade equipment.

Some of them also kill some other players, if they switched to
PK mode. If you don't want it just keep off the PK mode.
(Keep your name blue.)

One of the most useful things for beginner is browsing
NPC's and forges, to see what you can buy to "make
your life easier". Every item (sold or not) offers some
explanation when you bring mouse pointer over it.


All in all, most of it is written/shown while you play,
and other players will show you the rest.
"Don't think about winning every battle in your life.
Think only about winning the current one."

But reconsider price. You might decide to lose.