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This is not another West pk vid

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its just Arti tryharding to kill WarnOver
and WarnOver tryharding to kill Arti
and meanwhile China raping everyone xD gz Axe frends

(still sucking at vid edit + bad gameplay+ deaths cuz yes paper)


lol the description XD nice vid

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steriod psy........  :normal-37:

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Nice! I like when new people make videos so it's not just the same old same old. Don't apologize for dying, I do it all of the time. I don't even mind anymore, :P.

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good video miss coneja glad to see you making videos again nice music also

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5/10                                                                   :rolleyes:

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Great gameplay, one of the few people whose videos I can actually watch (and not even mute the sound). Was a fun pk  :normal-37:
Just a question, seeing that you switch only 3 pieces of gear + weapon, do you use a vit or magic tome? If you use a magic one all the time I'd recommend to replace 1 of the r8 pieces with it. Not sure what your r8 stats on def gear are, but in my experience vit tome + phy ring on a AA class do a better job than any r8 piece
And so castles made of sand fall in the sea, eventually...

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stressful pk
good video and music

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5/10                                                                   :rolleyes:
lmao, what scale is this  :police:
Those eyes, those eyes I'll always remember, the ones that lit the embers that destroyed the world I knew..

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5/10                                                                   :rolleyes:

I'd give it a solid 4 tbh.                                  :rolleyes:

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Good video.
Gosh ... the sig war is real ... freaking Asia  :normal-19:

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  • How is life this easy?

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