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Artifex vs Holy Alliance- The Destruction of West

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Good video kyle underscore
Recent video.

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Nice video Kyle , i enjoyed.
Pretty good job doing those disarms and HF's aswel..  :normal-25:

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Waw I watched this in class and I managed to stay awake xd  Good work meng nice video.

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good video mate
was fun pk

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omega warrior such a walking beast  >:D

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Great pk by an awesome wr. Loved the pk and music selection.
Was pretty fun pk and I enjoyed the kills I got(as wr) during it.

Keep up the great videos Kyle  ^-^


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Moko, Apocalypse, Zingendro got easied.
Biggest joke players in server got shown their place.

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Ur video is lag try OBS kyle_ its nice  :-\ but in order to edit it u must have handbrake so u can edit in in camtasia studio
just a little help

BTW Good video  ;)

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You should rebuff your pt sometimes

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was fun to watch , keep up the good work  O:-)

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I think I need to apply in Kyle Underscore Academy of WR :smiley:

Nice Video keep it up ;)

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Goodie video bud.  :pig-23: