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Alliance vs Merge

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Couldnt record complete second part cause had to go afk for some time.

If you dont like dont comment

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didnt watch video because scared of weird effects.

nice video
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Nice Video harp :smiley:

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Nice video harp

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Nice video, Harpoon.

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keep it up guize yolo might come from retirement soon love you all kisses

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Good vid harp  :smiley:

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Marilyn Manson.

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as always, ur gameplay just amazes me, i get in lack of creativity cuz of the scale u rise everytime u make new video  :-[


awesome PK  8) :smiley: :smiley:

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nice video  :smiley:

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Nova fest was too stronk.  ;)

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when i grow up i wanna play like harpist

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 :normal-37: bad ea bad player low skill u know i never liked u im going app to arti bb

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nice video,fun same numbered pk :police:
Agatio should put a counter so holy merge dont cry about numbers :rolleyes: