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I know the majority knows thats aps seeker is a bad idea for the most part but its my gole to make it work AT LEAST A ALITTLE  for pve more than pvp.

So as far as Dragon goes you I can get 4.0 APS these days we can get to 5.0 im also easly seeing how weak i am to Magic damage atm (this could be because of my neck and belt but idk.   So for R8 how would i go about makeing it work the best of course i need - intervals of hits we all know that but 1 how much and on what armor parts can i even get it. 2 what can i do to better either my general damage or my weakness to magic.  (atm i preferr the other)   again considered this for PVE more than for pvp and as far as pvp goes just little dules among friends. 
I have a puzzle cube neck and a warsong void belt.   and my emps ring of might.  and to get the 4.0 i have a energetic robe but i plan to get robe of dom, ascended soon.   

SO with this said
1 ATT build?
2 armor config (i would like to see a layout for dragon and R8 )
3 what kind of neck and belt do i need.

Plz dont comment stuff about how stupid i am for doing this or what ever im enjoying it alot and thats all i care about otherwise what he hell is the point.



If it's for farming purposes then I'd honestly not bother myself by trying to make a Seeker work better than an Assassin, which is impossible. Seekers lack APS and damage compared to Assassins. Anyway, if you lack damage, put more points on strength. And if you lack magic defense, simply use two magic defense ornaments. It's totally dependable on certain circumstances and not fixed to that or this ornament. But you gotta figure it out yourself when which ornament you need.


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Okay so
Since you are talking about getting 4.0 aps I'm assuming you're demon (2.86 base edges +spark) ?
An acceptable build would be minimum dex for edges and the rest in strength. However, when you turn a class into aps, critical rate becomes much more important..so an extra 50-60 dex + a crit shard ( or two shards, but that will counter what i'm going to say after) would help out.
You can maximize your damage by using the best atk type S cards, nuema, runes, and meridian. '-'
Seekers do not get much aps speed. Demon sparks aside, you'd only have two ways of increasing your aps- windshield from your genie, and quicken sacred stone imbued into your weapon. (it would nerf the aps you get from demon spark if you are)
puzzle cube mdef and warsong belt mdef are a must, along with a physical version of ONE of the two incase you may need it against a physical class.
And for the r8/dragon sets, the only part you can get aps on are the wrists, x2 wrists would not make a difference in your speed but x3 interval wrists would put you at 3.3 base (r8 wrist and rest of gear being dragon)
Hope this is what you were looking for, good luck. '-'

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