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PVP from yesterday @ Cromag vs Holy alliance after the new GA Merge into Warning.

My EP kept DC'ing more then 15 times this entire PK, so a good part of it is without one.

Fairly even numbered PVP i think we still were a bit outnumbered but not much. Overall good PK , ty all.


Dont wanna watch.
Not in your squad

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Seen it on my subscription feed, good video mister PulseSner.
Was fun pk, keep it up peeps.
3:49 best play ever.... nice video tho those debuffs and 2.0 eaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa

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I am proud of my team. Nice video Pedro.
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PedroSner #1 Inferno Member. Stay strong bro, We fight SIAM Tomorrow  ;)

Enemy needs to Apply Sun Block.

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Nice video man.
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I wish i could turn up my distances & effects like that without having the lag monster come for me :'(
Nice music and video as always, Pedro o/
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nice video ^-^ was fun  O:-)

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Super fun pk and a horrible lagfest. Had a blast  :smiley:

Nice video!

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  Nice video  :shocked:

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#1 archery, Nice Executionz
easy pk, my team winnereded.
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Team leader Sner making easies. Nice video bro.

There's nobody better.

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1x pedrosner im still waiting