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What type of music is good to listen to while playing and pvp im open to all type of music ?

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  • Gm's Hate Me
  • Sup?
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:D normally what i listen to ;d
Stuff like this all the time lmao. Gaming 24/7 :D

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if you're a sin  :monkey-50:

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I switch between these two types, first being completely similar to Zaniah :3

Party/Dance Mixes - Rock/Metal Mixes

So many Mix Compilations like this one, and all are excellent!

Things like Linkin Park/Skillet/Evanescence/Thousand Foot Krutch/etc (Anything Similar)


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  • 「 f̷̷e̷̷t̷̷i̷̷s̷h̷ 」
  • probably playing pokemon ultra sun

three of my favorites.  :-\
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art hoarde

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Thank you guys I appreciate it music sounds good can't wait to pvp to it if u want 1v1 im FishBod

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  • Rawr n stuff....
  • n more stuff.
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Not really into pvp but if I were to be, Metallica would be my choice of music. XD

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[shadow=red,left]Me listens to love songs during mass PKs, cos nothing is sweeter than a player kissing/loving the floor.[/shadow]  :tiger-37:

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