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Patch v103

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Patch v103 has finally arrived and brings some highly anticipated fashion, along with other cosmetic stuff and game improvements. We are hoping that we didn't set your expectations too high, but we did our best.

> Patch notes
> Manual patch

Offline Agatio

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Added following content:

* To Fashion NPCs:
- new regular fashion sets for male and female
- new custom fashion parts adjusted by GM Echo
- many new t-shirts (for coins, shirt designs taken from here)
- new versions of existing skirts without the leggings part
- new hairstyles

* To Weapon Fashion NPC
- new weapon fashion (for coins)
- 3 existing dual sword fashion now also have single sword version (which can be used by physical/magic classes)
- some weapon fashion exclusive to the fashion NPC are now also available in the Boutique

* In addition:
- 1 new all-class pet for coins
- 1 new all-class pet for 5 Event Tokens (Demonic Warrior - preview - on the bottom)
- 1 new mount for 10 Event Tokens (Ice Dragon - preview)
- 1 new flight for Rare Flight Token (Rainforest Wings - preview)
- Battle Deer pet is now available for Event Tokens for Venomancers (detailed comparison of all battle pets can be found here)
* if new models don't appear, please press F5 at our ecatomb page

Adjustments and improvements:

- Account Stash capacity increased from 16 to 32 slots. Right click on the new item from God's Giving (Super Extension Stone) to apply it to your account
- Lowered price of event battle pets from 15 to 10 Event Tokens
- Demonic Weapon Tokens can be now exchanged to Accessory / Armor Tokens at Event Items Forge
- Lowered honing time of R8 gear from 5 to 2 seconds per item
- War Avatar Pack S price lowered from 10 to 5 Bloods
- Mystics will start now with all the Summon skills so their questline will no longer be mandatory to complete
- Slightly increased reward for Morai purple quests
- Increased rewards for Snake Isle Race (1st: 2 ETs, 2nd 1ET, 3rd 50 EC)
- Armor fashion moved from Fashion NPC to separate NPC
- Other minor improvements

Coming soon:

- free maxed Meridian option will be available for every player in the User Panel very soon (there will be quick link on the voting page, so you won't miss it)
- faction icons update in around 7-10 days from now

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Thank you for the patch.  :tiger-24:

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Thankyou Agatio, you are so precious!
And thankyou to Echo and the others for their big help <3
Can't wait to get home and dig in to the new stuff


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So many ppl made happy!
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So awesome! Thank you two guys for your hard work. :)

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increased accountstash is nice.... maxed meridian is bullsh!t sorry....
The moment when haters become fans *rofl*

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increased accountstash is nice.... maxed meridian is bullsh!t sorry....

some ppl always find something negative.
and maxed meridian is awesome!
its not like you even had to work for it, you just had to sit and click and hope to get lucky - pointless.
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More armour fash to be added? (Like the Mountcrasher set or w.e)


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Thank you , nice work :)

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