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visual C+ plus net framework all version

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it doesn't matter if you disagree or agree or think you know all is to know about both subject matters of VISUAL C+ & net frame work  all version.. if your able to install all these version then do so, it doesn't hurt anything any ways but helps reduce LAG in game !!.  reason why no one knows much about these 2 items that play online games reducing lag in games  are because its Illegal for people  """ Advertising a third party's items for reason of enhancing there own product"""" ! how ever its not illegal for some one like me to inform about it because i want my friends and others to enjoy playing online game such as Epic perfect world.
reasons why i know about these 2 items reducing lag in online games because of the years of digging into problem i came across thru the years of playing online games.  reading  on these 2 items   the makers of them  there ,,web sites, there notes,, because remember they cant publish  or recommend other then on your own web sites.. i for one will not list any of these people or makers web sites if your interested in reading up these subjects do it on your own find them on your own..
i done my part I'm letting everyone know of what i have found , the main point of all this is  both visual C+ and net framework would not hurt a computer any how ,,, unless its just to old to handle it and if its that old you need to place it ANYWAYS  sorry not trying to be mean just the plain truth !!!!

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+1(since its suggestion!)

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suggestion or not  doesn't matter what does matter is the results  and the results are i have no lag
is  when my ISP is having problems servers  dont never " CAUSE" lag   any one and i mean any one who says they do cause lag  are a idiots or better yet have no idea of what there talking about or just slappy your lips  to hear your own face to roar lol
BESIDE's if they are laging its cause of hackers period end of story !!!!
 OR  hardware of server is getting ready to fail which can be fixed easly!!

so go ahead be a idiot and say it does !!  lag only comes from a computer  meaning your own computer.. if you want to reduce the lag then install what i have found to reduce in game lag
Visual C+ and the net framework  but 2 get good results  ALL versions need to be installed
if you already have a few installed then dont reinstall just install what version you dont have..
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