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About Atomic
Welcome to Atomic, a newly established faction created for the purpose of allowing gamers to socialise, level, and explore within a friendly and progressive environment. Our aim is to provide gamers (veterans and the less experienced alike) with a supportive and helpful faction, allowing honed techniques and advice to be passed on from one player to the next (such as our Leader’s rather psychic cleric pulling).

In distinct contrast to the other factions that liberally scatter the virtual earth, Atomic is a highly ambitious faction that draws upon the extensive gaming experience of its leading members (who have spent considerable amounts of time playing in the top factions of the Epic PWI Server) in order to hone our members into powerful, tactical players.

Certainly, we shall be participating in TW (Territory Wars) sometime in the near future, thus consolidating our position as one of the few new factions that are worth watching. FCs/BHs are, of course, taken for granted, and participating in Trials shall become a matter of course once we have the requisite manpower.

A sense of humour is perhaps the most important requirement. Also, each and every person must maintain a modicum of respect for their faction members; if malicious slagging sessions start to proliferate in faction chat, we have no choice but to discipline you.

We hope that you enjoy/will enjoy your experience with Atomic – we delight in expanding our ever growing community with gamers from all walks of life.

We hope that you have a gaming good time with us,

Atomic, Leadership Team.  :smiley:

Leader - Intuitive
Director - Kaerryn
Marshals - AngelKitty, Lothus, TempestBow
Executors - Emperor, PhenomXTS, BladeWolf, internment

Our Website - http://atomic.gamerlaunch.com/

Hopefully we'll see you soon  :smiley:
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Good luck with your faction.

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 good luck with ur fac  ;)

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