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Spiritual Cultivation Quest


My friend told me that there should be a quest called "Spiritual Cultivation", so I checked and there's absolutely no quest like that to me. So I thought it was a bug, glitch or whatever. I hope you can solve this problem.
Thank you  ;)

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There should be a quest in your quest list. It's dark yellow (golden), and you start it from Dreamweaver Elder :) That's the beginning of the Spiritual Cultivation quest line :D

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There's no such quest for me from the Dreamweaver Elder.

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Look for a gold quest "Spiritual Cultivation" in either your active or available quest list, there should be one.

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Are you sure you do not have this

in your questlist?
Or possibly something slightly different in that color? (you might have already picked it up at some point before)

Your Questlist (Hotkey Q) has 2 tabs on the top
Availabe Quests and
Current Quests
Have you scrolled threw both?
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Can you post a screenshot of your quest lists please? Available and current, if you don't mind. Thank you.
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